Igor Nevedrov


Date of birth: April 10


Russian Theatre Academy (GITIS) – Workshop of Yury Lyubimov
German Sidakov Drama School

Director at Roman Viktyuk Theatre

2016 The Venetian

Actor at Roman Viktyuk Theatre

2015 Phaedra by Marina Tsvetaeva; director: Roman Viktyuk. (Hyppolytus)
2015 Exupery. Towards the Stars; director: A. Borovikov. (Antoine, The Little Prince)
2014 At the Beginning and at the End of Time by Pavlo Arie; director: Roman Viktyuk (Vovik)
2013 Glorious! by Peter Kuilter, director: Roman Viktyuk (Cosme McMoon)
The Master and Margarita by Roman Viktyuk based on Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel (Ivan Homeless, Ieshua)
King Harlequin (Pantaleone)
Intrigue and Love (Ferdinand)
R&J. Romeo and Juliet (Student II)

Actor at other theatres

The Master and Margarita, Taganka Theatre (Judas, Literator, Amvrosiy, person from the Audience)
The Good Person of Szechwan, Taganka Theatre (Jobless)
Zhivago. Doctor, Taganka Theatre
Sharashka (informal name for secret research and development laboratories in the Soviet Gulag labor camp system), Taganka Theatre. (Rus’ka)
Faust, Taganka Theatre (Boy, Bachelor)
Tartuffe, Taganka Theatre (Valère)
Before and After, Taganka Theatre
The Oberiuts, Taganka Theatre
Chronicles, Taganka Theatre (Warwick)
Woe from Wit, Taganka Theatre (Molchalin)
Castle, Taganka Theatre (Helper)

Assistant director to Roman Viktyuk

The Gaft’s Dream Retold by Viktyuk, Moscow Sovremennik Theatre

Actor in Films

2008 Three people from Karronad’s square (Vvedenskiy)
2008 Okhlamon (Ohlamon)
2008 Adult games (Dima)
2008 A Life at Stake (Nickolasha)
2005 Doomed to become a star (Vitalik)
2004 Sins of the Fathers (Gleb Androsov)