About Theatre

As the name suggests, Roman Viktyuk Theatre is the author’s theatre, the theatre of the director.  The notion by itself appeared in the beginning of the 90s. In 1991 Viktyuk, who had been actively directing performances in different theatres of the USSR, Europe, and the USA, started his own company with a performance “M. Butterfly”, which proved to be a major happening in the theatre life, and not only within Russia. At the same time his show The Maids, which had already been acknowledged as a legendary production, was produced in a renewed edition, living out its famous second birth.

In 1996 his theatre acquired the status of a state theatre and its own venue in Moscow, which is a prominent piece of constructivist architecture.

Roman Viktyuk has been gathering the actors for his theatre from all over the post-soviet space: and as the result he has a team, which is able to realize even the most incredible idea of the director. Roman Viktyuk invited stars of opera and ballet to perform in his shows. For instance, the leading role in the show “Antonio von Elba” was performed by the renowned opera singer Elena Obraztsova. There are actors engaged in the theatre’s company, who have come to Viktyuk right after their studies, who have been shaped under the influence of his non-classical method.

The shows of Viktyuk — are rituals, embodiment of total theatre, where it is hard not to perceive the sacral meaningfulness of what is happening, where every gesture is inspired, every word – brings life.

Viktyuk’s dialogue with his audience takes place in the form of a spiritual language, language of intuition and imagination. His gloomy evocative expression tunefully coexists with the luminous, life affirming, partly even childish energetics of his productions.

The actors in his theatre are the bearers of an inimitable organics, capable to work in a synthetic, anti-realistic, non-canonical theatre. They move in an unusual way, they speak in a hypnotizing manner, they exist differently on stage.
There are 18 productions in the Theatre’s repertory now, shows by Roman Viktyuk and his students are among them. The Theatre also works as an ongoing laboratory inspiring a constant search for new theatrical, poetic and physical forms.

If you are interested in seeing the building outside of the performance time, please contact us at +7 499 748 0121 prior to planning your trip.