Sold Out

Le Puttane

Comedy in two acts

Nino Manfredi
Premiere: October 1997 | Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes | No intermission | 18+


When asked about giving permission for his play to be staged in Russia, Nino Manfredi, the famous Italian actor and director, put forth one condition: it can only be done if Roman Viktyuk directs it.

Le Puttane tells a touching story of a relationship between a playwright (Efim Shifrin) and a prostitute (Ekaterina Karpushina). As  we learn throughout the performance, their professions have much in common. It’s a light and charming production, filled with humourous dialogue and amusing clown-hooligans, accentuated by the brilliant duet of Efim Shifrin and Ekaterina Karpushina.

Artistic team

Author NINO MANFREDI Translation from Italian TAMARA SKUY
Set designer VLADIMIR BOER Costume designer VLADIMIR BUKHINNIK
Choreographer - director LEONID LEYKIN Assitand director GALINA MUCHIEVA

Cast and Characters