Stanislav Motyrev

Date of Birth: July 5 я


IGUMO (V. Korenev Studio)

Actor in Roman Viktyuk Theatre

The Venetian (Angela)
Phaedra (Chorus)
Exupery. Towards the Stars; director: A. Borovikov. (Black Angel, The Snake, The King, The Businesman, The Conceited Man, The Geographer, The Tippler)
Puss in Boots (Petrushka)
The Ghost of Lear, (Jester 2, Duke of Albany, Goneril)
R&J. Romeo and Juliet (Student III)
King Harlequin (Prince Ezzo, Bohemond’s cousin)
Sergey and Isadora (Poet II)
Intrigue and Love (Pliceman)
Unearthly Garden. Rudolf Nureev (Ballet Dancer)
Salome (Taylor, First solder)
Let’s Have Sex! (Sexual maniac)